About Us

Leverage & Founder

Leverage Consulting

Leverage Consulting was founded on one big idea, “Why Doesn’t the Best Idea Always Win?”. Since then, we’ve helped countless Sales Professionals, Sales Leaders and Entrepreneurs, deliver their Sales Message to generate greater influence every time they communicate.
Our Training and Sales Enablement experiences are innovatively designed to maximize Learning Retention to minimize the time it takes Ramp-up Performance. Our Guiding Principles are customer-centric:
  • We believe in helping you Rapport with your Clients rather than Reporting the Specs and Stats.
  • We believe in respecting the clock – R.O.T.I. (Return On Time Invested) is just as important as a financial ROI.
  • We believe developing the right Mindset is equally as important and growing your Skill – If you believe it, you can achieve it!
  • We believe that Performance rules the day because at the end of the day, Sales is all about generating results that equal growth.
  • Shiraz Siddique

    For more than 20 years, Shiraz has held Senior Sales Leadership roles for Call Centres, Inside Sales teams and Direct Sales. With a proven track record of leading others to deliver record-setting performances, his process-orientation methodically takes customers through the process of Calibrating, Calculating and Communicating your message, so you can Outperform, Outpace and Outsell even the whales in your industry.

    As a Guest Speaker/Lecturer in both the Academic and Corporate world, Shiraz  feels blessed to have been a part of so many ‘lightbulb-moments’ that generated greater influence and more sales for his clients. “We go beyond building successful programs – we believe in building successful people through Skillset and Mindset Development.”

    Our Team

    Matt Shoenmaker

    Matt Schoenmaker is driven to deliver successful projects for every client he works with. He recognizes value in building short-term immediate gains through a long-term well laid out plan. He has been honored on a national stage as a finalist in the Great Canadian Sales Competition.

    Sam Coons

    Sam Coons is our Media and Marketing Specialist, and believes “The fruit of your work grows off of other people’s trees”. His focus on collaboration drives meaningful conversations across all social platforms. His 7+ years in the Social Media space gives him a unique perspective on what it takes to get the most out of every engagement.

    Shanmukha Burugula

    Shan brings a distinct vantage point to Video Production having completed projects around the world! He has the rare ability to both capture content on the front end and more importantly, edit and produce on the back end. He has in-depth experience with Feature Films, Advertising Commercials and Branded Content. Oh… and he likes too eat A LOT!

    Advisory Board

    Laura Harris

    Laura Harris, owner of Laura Harris Agency (Allstate Insurance), specializes in all forms of insurance for more than 30 years. Her experience and dedication to her clients has helped her become a top insurance broker in the state of Texas. Her motivational style infuses passions and proper guidance for everyone she invests in.

    Jeffery Yateman

    Jeffery Yateman, a serial entrepreneur, continues to push the boundaries and the understanding of performance. He has been named to Canada’s National Triathlon Team and manages 200 million + in Real Estate assets as a co-owner of Fahel and Co.

    Carmine Alfano

    Carmine Alfano, proven sales professional, currently works as an Enterprise Sales Executive for Google Canada. His strong listening skills have contributed to sales coaching success for numerous Sales Professionals.

    Albert Brandstatter

    Albert Brandstatter, Senior Vice President, Investment Advisor, embodies National Bank’s mission – Insight, Diligence & Care. He has serviced his loyal clients for over 35 years and has mastered relationship building with authenticity and integrity.

    Gary Bennett

    Called to the bar in 2000, he is the founder of GAB Law Firm in Mississauga, ON, representing clients in the areas of Employment Law, Labour Law, and Civil Litigation. He is also the founder of the House of Law, a business center dedicated to helping lawyers and licensed paralegals build and grow their law firms. Gary has acted as a representative for clients before the various levels of Court in Ontario, including the Superior Court of Justice, Divisional Court, Federal Court of Appeal in Ottawa and the Ontario Court of Appeal in Toronto.