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Revolutionize Wealth

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Be Confident About Money...Finally!

Spending Plan

Know where your money goes and how to redirect it to fund the goals that matter to you.

Make Decisions That Matter

Understand which goals to tackle, prioritize them and accomplish them with your roadmap to success.

Increase Your Money IQ

Learn how to invest and which tools to use to make investment strategies that are aligned with your unique goals.

What We Offer

Intuitive financial planning designed with you in mind.


Linked accounts to create, execute & monitor your plan.


Access to products that match your overall strategy.


Proactive notifications and rewards as you achieve milestones.

Behind The Vision

FundEvolve was created from a need to understand how our spending habits were impacting our goals. People are juggling multiple priorities and yet there is an expectation to stay on track without having the proactive tools to keep us accountable for our financial journeys.

Our system will show you how to manage simultaneous goals such as paying down debt, investing, saving for homeownership, and other financial concerns as they arise. FundEvolve is revolutionary in helping you to become more emotionally vested in your financial journey by having a clear picture of where you are, where you want to go, and how to get there.

Zainab is passionate about fintech and has extensive experience in the financial services industry. She is the founder of Elleverity, a wealth management firm for women. Her mission is to make unbiased financial advice accessible to the masses. Everyone deserves to live their lives on their terms.

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